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Knot Stitch Rounds on the Flower Loom

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A loomed flower decorated with knot stitch

Knotted rounds can be used to create all sorts of lacy effects that can then be embroidered or woven, or left as they are.

Putting the needle under two threads  


Work the centre of your flower as desired. My sample flower has an oversewn centre. This flower was worked on a Hana Ami loom but you can use this technique on any type of daisy winder.

Pass your needle under the threads you wish to knot together from right to left. You can knot together any number of threads. My sample uses two threads.

Forming the first knot Pass you yarn around the needle exactly as shown in the photo.
Pulling the knot tight Pull tight. You’ve created a knot!
The first round of completed knots Continue around your flower. When you reach the first knot again poke your needle into the knot and pull the thread through to the back to join the end of the round. Alternatively, you could keep working knots in a spiral.
Two rounds of knots If desired, work more rounds grouping the threads into different groups to create all sorts of interesting patterns. You can knot any number of threads together at once. Try lots of different variations!

When you have finished darn your loose ends into the back of your flower. If this will show then tie the ends together tightly and cut close to the knot. Finish the knot by applying some fabric glue so that it won’t come undone. I don’t suggest doing this if your flowers are going to get pulled around though as it might still come undone.

Text and images copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. Video copyright September, 2011. All rights reserved.


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