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Fan Shapes on Any Round Flower Loom

Fans made on a flower loom

Fan shapes make a nice addition to embroideries, doll house decorations or accessories for rag dolls.

You can make fan shapes on any round loom. I’ve used an Inox Prym loom in my tutorial, but you can also use a loom with fixed pegs.

Making a fan on a flower loom My sample above was made on a Studio Twelve loom and I used the inner round of pegs as a guide for stitching my final round of knots.

If you want to make fan shapes on a Hana-Ami loom see my other fan-shape tutorial about making them on a loom with a centre post.

To make a fan shape you will use one peg at the bottom of your loom (on the inner or outer round of pegs), and an odd number of pegs directly on the opposite side of your loom. You can use an even number of pegs if you don’t want a loop in the centre.

Making a fan on a flower loom Starting at the bottom peg, take the yarn up and wind it around each top peg, then the bottom peg in turn.
Making a fan on a flower loom End at the bottom peg.
Making a fan on a flower loom Use the end of your yarn to tie all the threads together at the bottom peg.
Making a fan on a flower loom Decorate your fan any way you like. I like to work double weave followed by a row of knots.
Fan made on a flower loom Darn all the loose ends into the back of your work.

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