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The Double Woven Centre on Loomed Flowers

A collection of loomed flowers with double weaving

This video was made four years after I wrote the tutorial below and contains a lot of added information

Beginning the weaving 1: Pass your needle under the threads at the right hand side of the petal at the opposite side to the last petal you wound.

For example, the last petal I wound is at the bottom of the photo on the left. I am passing my needle under the threads that form the right hand side of the top petal.

Beginning the weaving 2: Pass your needle under the same threads again.
Anchoring the yarn 3: Your thread will form a loop.
Anchoring the yarn 4: Pass your thread through the loop to form a knot.
Pulling the knot tight 5: Pull the knot tight.
Beginning the weaving 6: Pass your needle under all of the threads that form the first petal on the left of the knot.
How to weave 7: Your yarn goes over the second petal, then under the third petal, over the fourth, under the fifth and so on, until you reach the first petal again.
Splitting the stitch for the next round 8: Pass your needle under the right hand side of the first petal. This is called “splitting a stitch”.(The first petal is the one after the petal that has the thread tied to it)
Continuing the second round 9: Continue weaving around, passing the yarn under the petals that had yarn on the top in the previous round.

Continue weaving around in this manner until you have woven as many rounds as you like. Each time you finish a round split the stitch on the petal to the left of the last split stitch. This way each split stitch will be hidden under a full stitch on the next round.

More rounds of weaving 10: To finish off your thread, pass it under the last set of threads again and
Anchoring the end of the thread 11: leave a loose loop.
Tying the knot 12: Pass your thread through the loop and pull the knot tight.
Darning the ends into the back 13: Pop your flower off the loom and stitch the loose ends into the back.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. Video copyright 2011. All rights reserved.