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The Knot Stitch Edging for Loomed Flowers

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Loomed flower with knotted edging

A flower on the loom 1: Before you start you’ll need to bring your yarn out to the edge of your motif.

If you are making a single colour flower pass the needle through the centre of your flower and out the other side. Make sure you can’t see any of the thread on the front of your flower.

Yanr wound on a daisy winder If you are going to work the centre of your flower in a different colour take the yarn all the way across your flower from the last petal that you wound and work the knotted edge before you work the centre.
Preparing for the first knot 2: Put your needle through the centre of the nearest petal from the back to the front
Creating a loop and pull the thread through.
Forming the knot 3: Pass the thread through the loop to form a knot
Knot pulled tight and pull the knot tight.
Preparing to form a knot on the second petal 4: Thread the yarn through the next petal from the back to the front.
Beginning the knot 5: Pass the needle behind the thread that lies between the two petals
Forming the finished knot 6: Wrap the yarn around your needle and pull the thread through.
The second knot pulled tight 7: Pull the knot tight and knot the rest of the petals in the same way.
Knots worked on every petal 8: When you get back to the first stitch work a second knot over the top of the first one so they sit close together.
Closing the round If you find it too difficult to work the second knot over the top of the first one, thread your needle through the middle of the first knot and pull it tight so that the two knots sit closely together.

Joining Motifs with Knot Stitch

Loomed flower with knots worked on nine petals You can work your motifs and join them together at the same time.

Make one flower and put it aside (mine is red).

Make a second flower and knot all but the last 3 petals.

Knotting the two flowers together Place your first flower on top of the current one with the right sides together. (You can see the back of my red flower in the photograph).

Thread the yarn through the next petal on your current flower and one of the petals on your first flower and make the next knot.

Two flowers knotted together Repeat for another petal, then finish your current flower without joining any more petals to the first flower.

Darn your loose threads into the back of your flower or they will work loose and your joins will come undone.

Where to join flowers together Flowers can be joined in any order using this method.

For a grid style repeat join as shown in the photo on the left

Four flowers joined together in a grid Four flowers joined in a grid style repeat.
Flowers joined in a brick repeat Flowers can also be joined in a brick style repeat by joining all of the petals to the surrounding flowers in groups of two.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.

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