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Puffy Centred Flowers on the Flower Loom

With a few simple tricks you can make the centre petals of your flower stand on end, or make a full three dimensional bloom. Use a DK – worsted weight yarn or experiment with other materials and yarns to see what effect you can get.

Choose a loom with a centre round of pegs about 2-2½ inches in diameter. If your centre round of pegs is much larger than this you will need to work many extra rounds to get the centre to puff out.
Work a total of at least 4 rounds of petals for the centre of your flower.

Now, here’s the trick to getting them to stand up:

Work a back stitch centre, pulling each stitch as tight as you possibly can. This, combined with the short length of your petals is what forces them to stand up.

When you have finished your flower and have removed it from the loom, fluff the centre up with your fingers.

You can even decorate the centre of your flower for extra bling.
To make a fully puffy three dimensional flower, use a 2-2½ inch loom and make 6-10 rounds of petals, winding the loom the same way as for a crazy daisy, but only using a single strand of yarn.

Work the centre with a very tight back stitch and the flower will puff up when you remove it from the loom.

These look especially nice with a satin stitch centre worked in another colour.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.