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The Back Stitch Centre for Loomed Flowers

Yarn flowers with back stitch centers

Back stitch can be used to fasten the centre of your flower, or as a decorative feature stitched all the way to the edges.

Preparing for the first stitch (If you want to stitch the centre of your flower using a different colour stitch the centre with a new length of yarn and leave a tail to darn in later)

1: To stitch the centre of your flower using the same yarn as your petals, pass your needle under the threads of the petal on the opposite side of your flower to the last petal you wound.

For example, the last petal I wound is at the bottom of the photo on the left.

Tying off the yarn before stitching 2: Pass your needle under the same threads again and come up in the centre of the loop.
Knot pulled tight 3: Pull tight to form a knot.
The first stitch after the knot 4: Pass the needle under all of the threads for the next petal.
Forming the complete stitch 5: Pass your needle under the same petal again, plus the next petal on the left.
A completed back stitch 6: Repeat step 5, passing your needle under the last petal, plus the next petal on the left each time.

Continue doing this all the way around as many times as you like. If you’re only going to work one round make sure to stitch the first petal twice.

Finishing off the stitching 7: To finish off your thread, pass it under the last petal and leave a loose loop.
Tying a kot to finish off 8: Pass your thread through the loop
The finished backstitch center 9: Pull the knot tight.
The completed flower off the loom 10: Pop your flower off the loom and darn the loose ends into the back so they won’t show.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.Video copyright August 8th, 2011.