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Crazy Daisy Loomed Flowers

Two crazy daisies made of fine and medium wieght yarns

A simple adaptation of the basic winding technique made with three strands of yarn creates quite a different style of flower!

Crazy daisies have overlapping petals and are made quite quickly using three strands of yarn held together.

The flower on the left was made with lace weight wool and the one on the right was made with three strands of DMC tapestry wool.

Winding the flower loom Holding three strands of yarn together as one, wind your flower, making the petals around two pins following the diagrams on the left.
Diagram 2Diagram 3
Diagram 4Diagram 5
Daisy winder with winding finished Keep winding in this manner until you can’t fit any more rounds onto your pins. I made two full rounds with my three strands of tapestry wool. Cut your yarns, leaving a tail long enough to work your choice of centre. I used a back stitch centre for the tapestry wool flower and stem stitch centre for the lace weight flower.
Stitching the center Stitch your centre. You might find it easiest to insert your needle under the petals near the outer edge of your flower.
Crazy daisy with stem stitch centre When you have finished, pop your flower off the loom and darn the loose ends into the back.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.