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Ravelry Seizure and Migraine Warning

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Please note that a large number of Ravelry users are reporting that the new site design is causing migraines, nausea and seizures. Ravelry owners and staff have taken the decision to leave the new design as the default, regardless of the harm it is causing to the health of some users.

Because of their decision to leave the problematic design in place where people can come across it accidentally, I have chosen to remove all links to Ravelry from and to warn people who may suffer from migraine, nausea and illnesses that include seizures as a symptom to stay away from the site until the owners decide that the health and safety of it’s visitors is important.


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  1. catdownunder

    I had the same problem with another site. Fortunately they listened and made a change – much to the relief of everyone. Ravelry could go a long to solving the problem if they didn’t have that stark background.

  2. dcshopper

    I don’t understand this punishing those who don’t have any problems with stark backgrounds (like this one???), simply because some do. What a world we live in! The world is in punish mode!

    • Sarah Bradberry

      I don’t understand what you mean. Who is being punished besides those who are being made sick by the website because they are being forced to look at it if they click on a link that goes there without knowing about the problem?

      Also, you do realise that my website is so small that removing a few links to a website with 9 million users won’t make any difference to them, right?

      My website is designed to be more gentle for people with visual problems that cause vertigo, nausea and seizures because I AM one of those people.

  3. Margaret Borthwick

    I’ve just looked at ravelry and it clearly states on the main page that you can toggle to the classic site via your profile, following txt is what I copied from the site

    Switch to the Classic Ravelry look
    You can find a toggle for “Classic Ravelry” in your Ravatar/Profile menu in the upper right. You can switch back and forth whenever you like

  4. Barbara Collins

    I dn’t get it. I went back to the previous format because I did not like it. I hate to losee all of your patterns — one of which was mine.

    • Sarah Bradberry

      If you have any patterns that I sold in Ravelry you should still have them. Anything that’s on the website is still here and still in the Ravelry database.

      A lot of people can’t even look at the log in page without risking their health, me included.

  5. Barbara Collins

    You didn’t sell my pattern. YOu made one and it is what I used on my page. I will check as I always loved your version . Baby sweater from MANY years ago.

  6. Carole Fortier

    The pandemic is making people crazy. Let’s take a breath and consider that those who are bothered by Ravelry can leave the site and those who are not bothered by the design can stay. Let’s not punish Ravelry for providing a free network for crafters to show and sell their crafts. Millions of people prove that this is a great meeting place for makers from around the world. Let’s not throw out the baby out with the bath water.

    • Sarah Bradberry

      How is Ravelry being punished? The site now requires a health warning because the login page and others can cause seizures. I would give a health warning to any site that does so that is frequented by visitors to my website. This has nothing to do with the pandemic. I’m not stopping anyone from going there. I’m sure people know how to google the site or type in the address if they want to go there.

      You seem to be confused. I’m not telling people not to go to Ravelry. I’m warning people with certain health issues that the site is currently not safe to view. When it is safe to view, I’ll state that too.

    • Daphne Vega

      How in the world is asking Ravelry to make an alteration to their design a punishment?!? Don’t You, as a knitter, alter designs?!? And by the way- everyone matters. Everyone’s health and safety matters.

    • Jem

      Let’s not throw out the baby… Unless it’s disabled, right? That is essentially what you are saying: disabled users do not count. You don’t have a problem so there isn’t a problem and those who do have problems are somehow “crazy” because of the pandemic.
      Nice work Carole! You’ve discounted AND insulted disabled users in one brief message. Maybe Ravelry should give you a job.

  7. Judith

    Re the twitter post I suspect you may have to delete and repost without the link or add it without the visual bit or add as a shortened link?

  8. Mary

    Sorry you are affected by the change to Ravelry. This is a real issue for many. Thank you for trying to save many from migraines, me included. You have always been a pioneer in sharing with the knittng world. I am glad you are still available without going through them.

  9. Raven

    I see nothing but white pages at Ravelry.
    The login page is mainly white as well, with cute little creatures gently floating around.
    Looks very mundane to me (but the creatures are sweet!). I think it could use more color to be honest.
    Also, if one doesn’t like the new look they can change back to the older style in their settings, or profile area.

    • Sarah Bradberry

      Oh well as long as you don’t think there’s a problem, all of us who are having seizures and migraines should just keep our opinions to oursleves then. Sorry for not remaining invisible, what was I thinking? That’s sarcasm, in case you hadn’t noticed.

      Also, if I’m having a seizure from the website, exactly HOW am I supposed to use the options to turn off what is causing that seizure?

      • Raven

        Can you tell a family member, or friend how to pull up your Ravelry site, and have them change it for you? They should be able to find where to do it pretty easily. Also, the directions of how to do it are stated on the first page you come to once logged in.

        I wasn’t being mean in my last post. No need for sarcasm.
        I was honestly trying to understand how white pages cause one to have seizures.

        • Sarah Bradberry

          No. And tone policing me on my own website on an issue that affects me and people like me, and is something you don’t understand is not acceptable.

          Perhaps this reply I just posted on a Facebook group might help you understand.

          I know people mean well when they’re saying Ravelry are doing the right thing and making changes but I need to point out a couple of things.

          Saying that they’ve fixed it, when you don’t fully understand what is making people ill, (and the website properly accessible to people using screen readers) is a huge problem. It can make us think it’s safe to look at, which it isn’t. Someone told me the log in page was fixed yesterday, so I went to see what it looked like now. It was still the same. They meant the animation had been slowed. They honestly thought that meant it was fixed and didn’t mean me any harm. I still had a migraine 6 hours later, after a frustrating afternoon of not being able to find words, shaky hands, and trying not to throw up.

          People who don’t know about the change (and people shouldn’t be surprised that not everyone uses Rav regularly and keeps up with news about it), are going to end up following links to pattern pages when they are logged out. Or not even members in the first place. A lot of pattern pages are available to view when you’re logged out. This is why some of us have removed all links to Ravelry from our websites.

          This was told to Ravelry VERY early on. They chose to ignore it. The have purposely chosen to put people in danger because of their egos.

          Please, if your health was not affected by the new Ravelry design, STOP telling people who were that Ravelry are caring, inclusive souls who are just trying to fix it, and we should be patient.

          They showed us who they really are when they knew that it can cause seizures and refused to put the site back into beta testing and have a professional look at it. People even suggested a crowd fund to pay for it but they said no BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE.

          Stop telling me to go back to, be patient with, forgive, people who could have made me and others end up in hospital and continue to risk people’s health when they KNOW that’s what they’re doing.

          It’s not just about the website design. You’re telling us to go back to a business that actively gaslighted and silenced people it was hurting. That is still showing it doesn’t care by asking people it is making ill to test their new site instead of having a professional do it. That fought tooth and nail to keep a dangerous website design live, even though they know the harm it can cause.

          If you don’t understand that some of us aren’t willing to forgive that, then I don’t know what to say.

          Now it’s 4am here and I haven’t been able to sleep past 4 for the last couple of days because people keep tone policing me and telling me how ‘wonderfully’ Ravelry are doing.

          Just don’t.

  10. Raven

    Thank you for the post/explanation.
    I have a couple friends that can have seizures from the bold
    colors and flashing lights of some video games.
    I hope Ravelry fixes whatever is causing this issue for you and others.

    • Raven

      Something else you can check out, Sarah, I just noticed a play/pause
      button down in the left hand corner of the sign-in page on Ravelry. It looks like the animation doesn’t
      play unless one clicks on that button now.
      But anyway, you can turn the animation on and off right there in that corner.
      I hope it helps you.

        • Marilyn

          It seems to me that if Ravelry causes you a problem, after the first look, stay away. I understand that you have a health issue, which I feel for you.

          All of your postings and forceful defencive comments, make you come over as a bully and not someone whose site I would like to follow. I hope you and the others stay away from Ravelry and stay healthy.

  11. jane

    Thank you for your post. I thought it was just me having problems with Ravelry. I do my best to stay away from the site for many reasons, but yesterday I went on it to look at a pattern and WHOA! Between my cataracts, glaucoma, headaches and seizures, this site is an absolute no go. I’ll be curious to see if they change back to the old way. Hoping you’ll have an answer eventually. If they won’t, then I won’t use it.

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