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Tsumami Kanzashi

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orange kanzashi, originally uploaded by thea superstarr.

I’ve been admiring these little fabric flowers on Craftster and people’s blogs for a couple of months now, and was really happy to find this blog post about them. blog ยป Kanzashi Yumminess

Now I need to find a book about how to make them! Jamie and I were dreaming about where we would like to go for a holiday overseas if we could ever afford one. I’m thinking I want to go to Japan so I can buy craft books and needlework gadgets <VBG>

Edited to add: A series of in depth tutorials. Click the download link for each one to save them.

Edited a second time: You can just assume that I’m going to keep editing this post with more cool stuff until I post the next entry. K? ๐Ÿ™‚

The Kanzashi Website

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