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Rainbow Stitch Embroidered Sampler

Today’s post is about another sampler for my embroidery reference books, but this time it’s not a TAST stitch.

I’ve been fascinated by rainbow stitch ever since I saw a video on Youtube. It’s unlike the style of stitches I’m used to and the way the colour plays within the motif fascinated me.

I worked it with two strands of perle cotton, knitting yarn, crewel wool, a single strand of perle cotton, soft cotton, and cotton floss. It’s pretty easy to tell which motif I worked first, I outlined it in back stitch to cover up the messy outline.


Rainbow stitch embroidered in various types of thread.

My thoughts on rainbow stitch:

  • It works in just about any yarn.
  • It helps to draw the outline of the hexagon as well as the inner spokes.
  • It’s quite forgiving if you mess up following the spokes.
  • The thicker the yarn, the puffier the motif.
  • Stitching on old polyester serviettes is a bit squicky.

How to work rainbow stitch, courtesy of the “Stitch and Flower” YouTube channel.


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