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Happy Hogwarts Birthday! with lyrics

No, it isn’t my birthday but I couldn’t resist posting this video from Potter Puppet Pals because I almost wet myself laughing. I have included the lyrics so you can sing along!


Happy Hogwarts birthday!
Magic wizard birthday!
Fun wizard happy birthday
Fun fun fun fun
Magic flavour birthday cake!
Wizard wishes you will make!
Happy birthday dance with everyone!
2 3 4
Birthday magic wand
Party happy birthday
Wizard party school
Magic magic wizard magic party
Party more!
Wizard stuff!
Hell naw!
Pretty sure that’s everybody
Happy Hogwarts birthday!
Wizard school party!
Children eating cake inside their mouths
Hogwarts lesson #1
Never not be having fun!
Children eating cake inside their mouths

Flowers, Weird Gardens and My Cute Kid :)

My little Charlie really loves Doctor Who, Chameleon Circuit (and his sister).
Here’s a video his sister made combines all those things in one. I cried with the laughing at the cuteness but that may just be because I’m his Mum. Or maybe not. I especially like the bit near the end. New lyrics, yay! 🙂

Here’s the video he’s watching. An Awful Lot of Running by Chameleon Circuit.

But wait, there’s more!

This week’s flower loom tutorial is all about the twirl centre. This style of centre can be made on any flower, any shape, size, or material. I hope you like it. I have about another 110 flower loom videos to go 🙂

I had to learn some new techniques to make the intro more interesting, so I practiced some of them in an animation that I call “Strange Garden”. It’s a simple piece made with images and footage that I had on my computer but I had a lot of fun with it and will probably make more in the future (with better graphics and a storyline and everything!)

Tomorrow, more cooking!

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