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I managed to take a neat little slice off the side of my thumb while peeling veggies last night so this week’s flower loom videos will be a day late.

Next week I’ll probably take a short break from the flower loom videos and make a sewing video instead 🙂

Flower Loom Videos – At Last!

A collection of loomed flowers

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally started uploading the flower loom videos that people have been asking me to make for the last two years!

I’ll be uploading an average of two a week to my YouTube craft channel for the next 76 weeks if everything goes to plan. Yes, you read that correctly. 76 weeks. I know a LOT about flower looms 🙂

I’ll also be uploading other craft videos now and again, depending on how much time I have each week since I also have a weekly cooking show on YouTube.

So, without further delay, here are my very first set of flower loom videos. There are six this week to get everyone started. Enjoy!

Working the flat wrap

Working the layered wrap

The back stitch centre

The stem stitch centre

The open centre

How to wind a triangular flower loom

Check back on Saturday or Sunday (depending on which timezone you live in) for my next cooking video. I’m testing staggering them this week 🙂

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