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Loop Flower Embroidery

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I just received notice of this video in my email. A lovely little looped flower stitch I haven’t seen before. I’m thinking of starting a doodle sampler for whenever I see new stitches I want to remember.


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  1. faun bonewits

    this reminds me of a Martha Pullen show
    she did a stitch I can’t find the name
    looks like one of mary englebrietson’s drawing.
    mary calls them fried egg flowers.

    you put 2 pins into a ‘x’ or plus sign
    the pin goes in then up about a cm leaving as much pin in front and behind that bare fabric, then do another pin
    perpendicularly to the first . in the same manner.
    you then take a length(lite pink) of embroidery floss and poke it up, near a pin and wrap it around the pins flat a few-say 3 times-then back down, then take a 2nd color dk pink and wind it along further 3-4 times and down.
    then you take another color darker or lighter from below and mirror the pins to stitch the flat ring cake down, she put yellow french knots in the center.
    I experimented lightly pulling the spokes in from the outside in 5ths and made blue forget me knots. with yellow knotted centers

    • Sarah Bradberry

      I have to try that, thanks! I see another sampler page of looped flower techniques is probably going to happen!

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