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Learning to Knit – We’ve all Been There

At least those of us who know how to knit have!

Do you remember the times, when learning to knit, finding that your rows were ever widening no matter how you tried to keep your stitch numbers the same? Not much has changed in 80 years 🙂

A poem from the Sunday Times (Perth), October 27th 1935.


Hush! You mustn’t speak to them,

Marigold and Joan.

Tip-toe past the nursery door,

Leave them quite alone.

They are, oh, so busy now,

For they’ve learnt to knit.

Perched before the glowing fire,

Solemnly they sit.

They are counting all the time,

“Purl, plain, purl – two plain; Purl once more – oh bother it!

Dropped a stitch again!”

Then the ball of wool gets lost,

Till at last it’s found

Twisted by bad Kitty-Cat All the chair-legs round!

What’s Joan knitting? Well, you know,

That is hard to say!

Though, it started as a scarf,

It has run away!

If it grows much more it will

Make a lovely rug!

Big enough – it seems to me –

To keep an army snug!

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