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Hairpin Lace Tutorials

I’ve started a series of hairpin lace tutorials.

To begin: Casting on and working the basic stitch

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  1. julie

    Hello Sarah,
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I’ve just about to finish a pattern I printed off from your website sometime ago but cannot seem to able to finish it. The pattern is a cabled tea cosy from the December 1946 ‘My Home’ Magazine. I have got to the stage of sewing up the tea cosy and have made several pompoms to finish the top off but don’t know how you would fix these into the hole at the top. Could you help me in any way please. Kind Regards, Julie Johnson.

  2. Josette Spenser

    I wanted to ask permission to post your amulet bag pattern on my myspace blog, with copyright info and a link back to your site of course. Thank you for all your wonderful patterns and techniques demos! Yours is the BEST amulet pouch patter I have ever found!!

  3. Joanna Luscombe-Whyte

    Love your site, went on it ‘cos forgot what skpo meant thought u where down the road not Australia – pity as patterns look good cheers joanna p.s. will pass your address round

  4. Caley

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m one of the editors for FaveCrafts, and I was wondering whether you might be interested in a guest feature. Your hairpin lace vids are very nice!
    Pop me an email if you are interested and we can discuss more.

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