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Bows, bows, bows…

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My “sewing stretch-knit fabric without a serger” tutorial has taken a backseat due to a broken light bulb so I’ve been working on the samples for my Clover Bow Maker video tutorial instead.

I’m hoping to do the filming tomorrow but in the meantime, please enjoy some photos of my samples. I’ve given them the “I’m so addicted making bows that I’ve used up all my ribbon stash”* seal of approval.

* I did, and then I went and bought some more 🙂

The three sets of bow makers

Clover bow makers

My sample bows

Bows made on the Clover bow makers

Check out my flickr “needlework gadgets” album to see each bow with the bow maker/s used to create them

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  1. Luise

    Hi Sarah
    Your bows look so nice. I am actually trying to contact you in connection with using your instructions for daisy looms. It will be for the Pretoria Weavers in SA and they do not have access to internet. Could we please get in contact? Thanks, Luise

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