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Flower Loom Water Lilies

Water lilies are incredibly difficult to photograph but they have a lovely depth that makes them one of the prettiest ribbon straw flowers.

Try making at least one and you’ll see how lovely they really are.

To make a water lily you will need a flower loom with three rounds and some ribbon straw

Begin by winding around your loom in figure eights on the largest round as shown on the left.

Continue winding in figure eights
moving over one peg each time
until you have gone all the way around.
Work all the way around the loom three times.
Next wind another shade of the same colour around the middle sized round in smaller figure eights, following the diagrams below
Work three layers for this round also.

Stitch the centre using back stitch, then stitch over the top with stem stitch.

Trim the ends and hide them in the back.

Shaping your finished flower is simple.

Make a circle with the fingers and thumb of one hand and push the flower down into it.

Then pinch all the way around the base with your other hand to help it keep the new shape.
My finished flower.


This tutorial is based upon directions from “Magic with Ribbon Straw” by Craft Course Publishers, 1970. Updated text and images are copyright Sarah Bradberry, April 24th 2011. All rights reserved.