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The Stem Stitch Centre for Loomed Flowers

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Loomed flowers with stem stitch centres

1: Pass your needle under the threads of the petal at the opposite side of the loom to the last petal you wound.

For example, the last petal I wound is at the bottom of the photo on the left.

2: Pass your needle under the same threads again and come up in the centre of the loop.
3: Pull tight to form a knot.
4: Turn your loom so the knot is at the bottom.

Pass your thread over the next 2 petals and thread your needle under the second petal from right to left.

5: Take your yarn over two petals again (the one you just stitched and the next one), and pass your needle under the second petal from right to left to form the next stitch.

Continue doing this until you have worked as many rounds as you want.

6: To finish off your thread, pass it under the last petal and leave a loose loop.
7: Pass your thread through the loop
8: Pull the knot tight.

Pop your flower off your loom and darn the loose ends into the back so they won’t show.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.

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