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Disc Flowers on a Flower Loom

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Disk flowers made on a flower loom

Disc flowers are a fun and colourful way to add interest to a collection of yarn flowers.

The first layer Disc flowers are best made on very small looms. I’m using the smallest circle on the Clover Hana-Ami loom but you can use the inner ring of most round looms, a 2″ daisy winder or a Studio Twelve Mini-Fleur loom.

Start by winding your first colour on your loom. Make two or three rounds. Cut the yarn leaving enough to stitch the centre.

The second layer Now make two or three rounds of your next colour.
The stitched centre Stitch the centre in your choice of style. I worked a back stitch centre covered by stem stitch for a bold effect.

Remove your flower from the loom and darn in the loose ends on the back.

Threading the petals to create a disc shape Take a length of yarn and thread it through the petals.
Tying the thread Once all the petal loops have been threaded, tie the yarn in a double knot. Don’t pull it too tight or your flower will start to cup.
The finished flower Cut the ends with about an inch and a half tail and thread it into the petals to hide it.

Text and photos copyright Sarah Bradberry, April 7th 2011. Video copyright October 24th 2011. All rights reserved.

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