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Crazy Daisy Flower Loom Monkey

Toy monkey made on a flower loom

I-cord tail, light and dark brown flower loom motifs To make a crazy daisy monkey you will need:

  • Approximately 175m (190 yards) of dk – worsted weight yarn in dark brown.
  • A small amount of light brown wool
  • Scraps of felt in black, white, dark brown, light brown and yellow.
  • You can also use googly eyes if you like!
  • A permanent felt tip marker (I used a laundry pen)
  • PVC or craft glue
  • A wool needle (a chunky, blunt needle with a big eye)
  • A pair of knitting needles or spool knitter to make the tail. You can also use a long thin rectangle of felt if you don’t know how to knit.
  • A 2 inch daisy winder or flower loom
  • An old cereal box (for making the pom pom), or a 3 inch pom pom maker.

Make 8 light brown daisies and 35 dark brown daisies, winding the yarn around your loom 3 times for each one. Finish off the centres with stem stitch or back stitch.

Make a 3½ inch long piece of i-cord or spool knitting for the tail. Darn all the loose ends into the backs of the daisies and the tail.

Light brown flower on a thread To make the legs:

Cut a piece of light brown wool just under 2 metres (about 2 yards) long. Thread one light brown daisy onto the wool.

Threaded motif from the top Make sure you thread your wool all the way through and back again or your daisy will come apart.

Adjust your wool until your daisy is in the middle.

Preparing to thread more flowers Thread both ends of your wool onto your wool needle.
A completed leg Thread one light brown, then 7 dark brown daisies onto your yarn to make a leg.
Two legs on separate strands of yarn Cut a second length of wool and make another leg.
Both legs tied at the top Tie them together at the top.
Preparing to thread the body flowers Next make the body:

Thread all four ends of your wool through the wool needle and thread on another dark brown daisy.

Adding the tail Thread the tail on.
The chest Then thread on another 5 dark brown daisies.
Tying a knot before adding the arms Tie a good, firm knot.
Adding the first arm Now come the arms!

Thread one of the strands of wool into your wool needle and thread on 7 dark brown daisies and two light brown ones. Poke your needle back through the centres of all the daisies so your wool is back at the body end of your arm.

Tying after adding the second arm Use one of the other remaining three strands to make the other arm.

Tie all four strands of wool into a firm knot.

Tie another knot, just in case 🙂

Finally (for the daisies), thread on the last daisy and make a good firm knot at the neck. Don’t cut your yarn yet.

Making the pom pom head The head:

Make a pom pom with a diameter of three inches.

The head Using all four strands of wool, tie the finished pom pom to the top of your monkey for the head. You can trim the ends of your wool or leave them long so you can hang your monkey up.
Face and ears cut from felt Next cut out the pieces of felt for your monkey’s face and ears. Make the ears a bit longer than you want so you can tuck them into the pom pom for glueing.

Stick the bits together before sticking them on the face.

I used acrylic craft felt and found it was easiest to use quite a bit of glue but not much pressure when sticking the pieces together. When I tried pressing them together firmly the felt sucked up all the glue and they wouldn’t stick.

The finished monkey Finally, stick the face pieces (and the banana) to your monkey! I made the markings on my banana with a laundry marking pen.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.