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Loop and Fringe Centres on Loomed Flowers

Raffia straw flower with combed fringe center

The loop and fringe centre is simply a combination of cut and uncut petals of different lengths.

They can be made on any loom.

Orange ribbon straw on a multi-fleur loom I have made this sample flower on a Studio Twelve Multi-Fleur loom.

You can use any combination of petals to make your flower but I’ll show you how I made this particular example.

Firstly I wound three rounds of ribbon straw on the largest round of pegs. I cut the yarn with enough length to stitch my centre.

Purple ribbon straw on every second post of the flower loom I then wound two rounds of purple on every second peg of the largest round.
Winding the fringe Followed by three rounds of pink on every second peg of the inner circle.

The pink petals are situated between the purple ones. You can line them up over the top if you want to.

Straw flower with stem stitch centre I stitched my centre with a back stitch, covered with stem stitch.
Cut pink loops Remove your flower from the loom and darn in the loose ends of any ribbon straw that is used to make uncut petals.

The loose ends of any petals that will be cut can be trimmed to match the length of the petals.

Cut open the ends of any petals you want to fray. I have cut my pink ones.

Finished flower wtih fringe center Fray the cut petals using a pin or sharp sewing needle.

Poke the pin into the cut petals near the centre and drag it towards the end of the petal to separate the strands. Repeat until your petal is as frayed as you want.

Large flower with several rounds of fringed petals Experiment with different combinations of cut and regular petals.

This flower was made on the Magni-Fleur loom which has three rounds of spokes.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, 22nd March 2011. All rights reserved.