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And So To Sew 10a

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And So To Sew leaflet 10a

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Leaflet 10a in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Sew” includes techniques used when sewing a fitted wool dress from a commercial pattern, plus a full pattern for a tailored collar and cuffs.

Tailored collar and cuffs from "And SO To Sew" bulletin 10a
The tailored collar and cuffs pattern is included in “And So To Sew” leaflet 10a

  • The order of sewing
  • Finishing a neckline with a bias binding facing
  • Inserting a woollen sleeve
  • The overcast hem
  • How to make a vintage style belt
  • How to sew belt carriers or belt loops
  • Tailored collar and cuffs (pattern included) The frilled bib shown on the cover is from And So To Sew bulletin 2a

 Download “And Sew To Sew” bulletin 10a

Modern Tutorials

Since we don’t all have a sewing teacher on hand to help with any questions, I have added some modern tutorials wherever possible to help.

Finishing a Neckline with a Bias Binding Facing by Professor Pincushion

How to Insert a Sleeve by Made to Sew

This very thorough tutorial gives you all the information you need to insert a sleeve in any garment.

How to Make a Fabric Belt by Professor Pincushion

How to Sew Belt Carriers or Loops by Professor Pincushion

This video includes how to sew loops onto a waist band. For a dress, use the instructions in the leaflet above.

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