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And So To Sew 2a – Two Collars

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And So To Sew 2a - collars

Leaflet 2a in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Sew” includes:

    • Two collar patterns, one with ruffles and matching cuffs
    • Terms and techniques including:
      1. Selvages
      2. French tacking
      3. Basting
      4. Back Stitch
      5. Machine sewing tips
      6. Slip stitching (hems)
      7. Creating (folding) a hem
      8. Bias strips
      9. Rolled hems
      10. Buttonholes
      11. Buttons (positioning and sewing)
      12. Overcasting
      13. Press studs (aka poppers)
      14. Blanket stitch
    • A description of cotton, cotton fabrics and their basic laundering
    • How to enlarge and cut out the patterns supplied.

 Download “And So To Sew” leaflet 2a

Modern Tutorials

Since these leaflets were originally intended to be used by teachers, I am including some modern tutorials since anyone downloading them probably won’t have a teacher to help.

Basting by Colleen G Lea

Back Stitch by Red Ted Art

Slip Stitch Hems and Folding a Hem by Angela Wolf

Hand Sew a Rolled Hem by Threads

This is slightly different to the instructions from the leaflet, but I think it’s easier to work.

How to Sew Buttonhole Stitch

A buttonhole stitch photo tutorial from Sarah’s Hand Embroidery

Overcasting by Colleen G Lea

Blanket stitch by Mary Corbet

Note: this is blanket stitch. The buttonhole stitch tutorial above is a different stitch. The names tend to be interchangeable in embroidery these days, but in garment sewing they are two different, although related, stitches.

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