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Rainbow Loom Beaded Railway Track & How to Make Longer Bracelets on One Loom

Beaded ladder rainbow loom bracelet

As you can see, Charlie lost the “what are we going to make next” stakes and I made myself a beaded ladder bracelet 🙂

The ladder, or railway track bracelet is made in the same way as the triple single bracelets Charlie and I made in a previous post but, just to make sure, I checked out this video first.

I made mine with ladders on every second set of posts because my beads were too large to put them on every post, which meant I also needed to make it longer to get in a full rainbow. I worked out how to do it myself but this excellent video from Craft Life shows how to make a triple single bracelet longer even if you only have one loom. Variations of this technique work well with many different styles of bracelet. If you’re an adult, don’t be put off by the presenter’s young age, she’s an excellent teacher.

Now I guess I had better go and make that red Angry Bird charm or Charlie isn’t going to be very happy with me…


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