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Op Shop Finds

I don’t buy things at the op shops very often any more but I couldn’t resist these today.
I went out with Sortahubby to buy a light for making craft and music tutorial videos this morning, and on the way home we popped in an op shop to see if I could find some fabric to make a backdrop. We film on the dining room table which has a bookshelf behind it, so it has to be hidden when making videos 😛

We found all this:

Op Shop Finds

5m of navy blue crepe, which should work well suspended from the ceiling in front of the bookcase, and “Old Bear Stories” video that we don’t have, and lots of everyday needlework notions. Needles (hand and machine), bodkins (which I desperately need after bending so many safety pins when inserting elastic), transfer pencil, laundry marker, bias binding (for singercraft guide edgings), self cover buttons, puffy angel wings, and flower stamens.

All these cost about $20 and I wish I had a bigger budget because I could have bought lots more needles, bindings and bits!

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