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And Now to Bed, But First…

My current spinning: a scrap of merino/silkĀ from my blending board being spun into a lace-weight 2 ply on my Majacraft Mayan Spinner. It isn’t really the proper prep for a Mayan spinner (you need well carded fibre), but since it’s just a tiny sample I thought I’d persevere with it.

Spinning on a Majacraft Mayan Spinner
Spinning on a Majacraft Mayan Spinner

It’s a shame Majacraft stopped making these so quickly as they’d be great for spinning on a long train trip.

I’f you’d like to see exactly how to spin on one of these doohickeys, check out this video by k9nething on Youtube.

And now I really am going to bed. Good night!


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