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I’m Cancelling Today

It’s 8:24 am and so far BabyGuy has had no less than 6 full blown tantrums (very unlike him), has tipped an entire cup of cold tea all over the carpet and my sewing machine is dead. I have no money to get it fixed because I’m paying off over $2,300 in car repairs.
So today is cancelled. I’m going to bed and waiting for tomorrow.


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  1. Jeannine (j9knits)

    I’m so sorry about the sewing machine, I can so totally relate! Mine was very sick, 2 people said terminal but I found a wonderful repairman (not speedy)!! but it’s all better now, not cheap but so much better than trying to buy new. Take a deep breath, and hopefully, things will be better tomorrow! j9knits

  2. christina

    hi sarah,
    im sorry for your difficult day, but i was wondering if you could help me out.
    i am knitting your bumpy love square, but am having difficulty figuring out the chart.
    is there a way you could get the instructions to me in words/numbers instead of the graph form?
    i have not knitted much, so thus my issue with understanding the chart. when i do figure it out (which row is knit and which row is purl) it doesn’t seem to add up properly.
    anyway, if you could helpme that would be awesome.
    i hope your day gets better.

  3. laura<3

    hi sarah, super bummer summer about your totally lame day. i’m a knitter from los angeles… seeing as to how someone already is bothering you with questions – i’m figuring i should slide mine in right now. i was curious to know if you use a computer program for charting your knitting patterns as far as your fair isle designs are concerned. thanks very much, hope to hear from you soon! and sucks to your day mate.

  4. Mira

    Recently found your bookworm pattern. Our knitting group will be having a fundraiser to raise money for the local women’s shelter, can we use your pattern?
    Thank you for considering our request.
    Be well,

  5. Ros Clarke

    Hi Sarah.
    I don’t know if I am doing this in the right place ;0(
    My mother in law wants to knit a jumper for my nephew (her grandson) who has learning difficulties. He has asked her for a Pokemon Bulbasaur. I have searched the web, but can’t seem to find anything. Do you know of anywhere I could find a chart?
    Here’s hoping!
    Thanks Ros

  6. lydia

    Hello Sarah,
    I just wanted leave you a note to say “WOW” and “Thank you” for sharing your favorite chocolate cake recipe. I made this yesterday (something to ward of the winter blues here in cold (-16c last night) and very snowy (just over 2m so far) Sweden) it turn out wonderfully really delicious and so moist. This is going to be a family favorite of ours now I am sure. Your carrot cake is great too I have been using that for a few years too! Yummy!!!

  7. sylvia howe

    could i ask you for help on the daffodil tea cosy pattern?
    where it says *k3, cast on 10 stitches* repeat from * to * to end of row – how do I CAST ONT HE STITCHES? in a lump on one stitch ? by picking up the loop between stitches? sorry being thick

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