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Category: Whining


I managed to take a neat little slice off the side of my thumb while peeling veggies last night so this week’s flower loom videos will be a day late.

Next week I’ll probably take a short break from the flower loom videos and make a sewing video instead 🙂

I Hate Networks

I really, really hate networks.

A couple of weeks ago Mr Knittingand moved my computer four feet to the left and the network hasn’t worked reliably since.

Our home network arbitrarily dismisses people from it’s clique, the internet connection only connects sometimes and when it does connect it has decided it doesn’t like gmail, Ravelry or the Yarn Harlot.

At least I had a cup of tea and got to read Mr Stephen Fry this morning or there’d be hell to pay.

If I didn’t earn my entire living with them I’d say I hate computers but the bills need paying and the kids need clothing so I suppose I’ll have to keep fighting them.
Maybe I should move my computer four feet to the right and see if that fixes it…

I’m Cancelling Today

It’s 8:24 am and so far BabyGuy has had no less than 6 full blown tantrums (very unlike him), has tipped an entire cup of cold tea all over the carpet and my sewing machine is dead. I have no money to get it fixed because I’m paying off over $2,300 in car repairs.
So today is cancelled. I’m going to bed and waiting for tomorrow.