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Mid Century Embroidered Christmas Decorations

Felt CHristmas decorations decorated with embroidery and sequins

Felt, plus sequins, plus embroidery. Can Christmas decorations get any better?

I found these embroidered Christmas baubles and angel in the Australian Women’s Weekly, December 2nd 1959. “Gay Decorations with the Christmas Spirit” page 1, and pages 2 and 3.

I have a strict decorating rule when it comes to Christmas: the tree isn’t properly done until you can’t see the branches any more. Or it falls over. Whichever comes first. I suspect we own enough tinsel to cover three Christmas trees, to be honest. The shinier, the better! What can I say, I must be part magpie or something 😉

You can follow my Christmas decorating madness and add these to the mix, or keep your tree retro fab and mix these with a few classic vintage look baubles.


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