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Tatting for Experts and Beginners by Semco

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Semco tatting book number 16 - cover

Tatted handkerchief edgings

Tatting for Experts and Beginners is another Australian tatting book from the 1940's. Whilst it mostly contains patterns for tatted edgings and insertions they cover a large range of styles and difficulties.

From simple handkerchief and doily edgings for beginners like the ones in the photo on the left.

Tatted heart doily

To this stunning heart shaped insertion and heart edging for a round doily for tatters of a more intermediate level.

Tatted edging and corner

To this detailed yet delicate tatted corner for a tray cloth.

Of course there's no reason you have to use the patterns for their original purpose. Why not add tatting to the pleats in a shirt or around the neckline? Make a motif and use it in scrapbooking? Just like any vintage crafts, there's no reason you can't enjoy them just as they are, or reinvent them for today's styles and projects.

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