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Speed-O-Weave book 95-s. Easy and fast designs to make for the home.

Lily Speed-O-Weave booklet 95s Dresser doily made on the Lily Speed-O-Weave loom

This booklet, from the 1940's contains a large range of different weaves and projects to make on the hexagonal Lily Speed-O-Weave loom. It was reprinted in the 1970's with updated versions of the projects, however that issue is still under copyright (and these versions are much nicer in my opinion!)

They include:

  • Luncheon set
  • "Bright and Gay" beverage set
  • Patio doily
  • Plaid place mat
  • Oriental fantasy buffet set
  • Pointed daisy doily
  • Pointed doily (with centre flower)
  • "Daisy Field" vanity set
  • Doily number 8 with centre flower
  • "Daisy Symphony" centrepiece
  • Centrepiece (with triangles)
  • "Daisy Fantasy" centrepiece (shown here) and
  • Criss cross daisies place mat
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