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Lozenge Shapes on a Round Flower Loom

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Three lozenge shaped flowers with crocheted edging

lozenge motif made on a flower loom

Lozenge shaped flowers can be made on any round loom with 2 or more rounds of pegs.

Use them to make hat bands, belts, bell pulls, key-chain motifs, decorate the straps of a tote bag or go all out and crohet them to gether to make an all-over fabric.

Winding the different sized petals Wind your flower around the inner pegs of your loom, making the petals at opposite ends longer by winding them around the outer pegs instead.
The finished motif Wind as many rounds of petals as you desire, then finish the centre, pop your flower off the loom and darn the loose ends into the back. I finished my flowers off with a back stitch centre.

I joined my flowers as follows. You may need to adjust the number of chains and double crochets worked, depending on the size of your flower, yarn and crochet hook.

Joining the motifs with a crocheted edging Step 1: *Join your yarn to one of the long petals with a slip stitch, 5 ch, slip stitch in the next petal, 1 chain, slip stitch in the next petal, 1 chain, slip stitch in the next petal, 1 chain, slip stitch in the next petal, 1 chain, slip stitch in the next petal, 5 chain, slip st in the other long petal; join more motifs by repeating from * for each one without breaking the yarn.
Working the other side of the edging Step 2: Turn you strip of motifs around and crochet across the other side of your motifs. Where your motifs are joined together, work a slip stitching into the top of the thread where the motifs join together, instead of working a slip stitch into the long petals themselves.
Three motifs with a finished edging Step 3: For the next round, work a double crochet (US single crochet) into each slip stitch and 1 chain space. Work 5 double crochets (US single crochet) into the 5 ch spaces. When you have completed the round, join with a slip st to the beginning.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.

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