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Woven Daisies

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These flowers are made with a slight variation of the instructions that come with some hana-ami looms (not all looms were packaged with instructions). I wanted to make my petals pointier at the ends.

Woven flowers are one of my favourite techniques to use on the Hana-mi loom. They take a little more time but the results are modern and can withstand more wear and tear than stranded yarn flowers so you can use them in more projects. Add them to handbags, use them as patches, wherever a little more hardiness is needed!

Woven daisies can be made on any type of loom. I’m using the Hana Ami loom by Clover.

Step 1: Wind your loom. Depending on the number of petals you want you might decide to skip some pegs.

Cut your yarn leaving a tail a couple of metres long. This should be plenty of yarn to weave all of your petals. If not, just join a new piece at the beginning of a new petal.

Step 2: Work the centre as desired. I worked a double woven centre.
Step 3: Start weaving the first petal with the long tail of yarn, working from right to left. Weave under the first thread, over the second, under the third and over the fourth.
Weave back the other way, under, over, under, over
Step 4: Continue weaving until you are approximately 2/3 the way up your petal. Take the right hand loop off it’s peg and place it on the same peg as the left hand loop.

Continue weaving as though you have two threads. Weave under the first two, over the second two, back and forth.

Step 5: Tie a knot at the top.
Step 6: Thread the yarn down the back of the petal. Thread your needle under the edge stitch at the bottom left hand side of the petal.
Step 7: Weave all the other petals in the same way.

When you have finished, darn any loose threads into the back of your flower.

My finished flower! I made a mistake when I wove the centre of my flower so I covered it with a pretty button in the same colour.

If any of your petals looks too wide, pinch them from side to side and they will settle into a thinner shape.

Variegated yarns make fascinating woven flowers. I made an oversewn centre for this flower.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.

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