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Woven Flower Loom Buds

Flower buds and leaves woven on a hana-ami flower loom

Flower buds can be added to a corsage, vase or embroidery to create added interest with the variations in shape. Make some full flowers to match or create a posy of different flowers and buds in your favourite colours.

Single closed buds also make great leaves if you make them with green yarn.

To make these buds you will need to use the Hana-Ami (or Hanaami) loom by Clover.

You could make a variation of these buds using a regular round flower loom but they will look very different.

Winding a bud on a flower loom To begin making a three petal bud, wind around nine spokes using the centre post.
Fastening the yarn at the center post Cut the yarn, leaving enough to weave a couple of rows plus one leaf (I find that 24″, 60cm is more than enough). If you cut the yarn too long you can use it to weave the other petals as well so it won’t go to waste.

Thread the end into your needle and poke it down through all the loops at the centre post. Pull the yarn through.

Winding around the center post Do it again to create a loop
Winding a bud on a flower loom Pass the needle through the loop to form a knot and pull tight
Weaving a bud on a flower loom Weave over, under, over, under, all the way across.
Weaving a bud on a flower loom Pull the yarn through.

To create a bud with a pointed bottom (like the one in the centre of the top picture) you will need to pull the yarn quite tightly so that the threads at the side pull towards the centre a bit.

To create a full bud shape (like the one on the left), pull the yarn through but don’t pull it tight.

Weaving a bud on a flower loom Weave back again, going over, under, over, under etc.
Depending on the look you want and the thickness of the yarn you’re using, you might want to weave two or more extra rows.
Next you’ll need to weave the first petal.

Weave over one, under one, over, under, over and under (3 loops total).

Continue weaving about 2/3 of the way up your petal, pulling the last two rows quite firmly to help shape the sides of the petal.

Weaving the tip Now move the outer two loops to the centre peg.
Finishing the tip And weave all three loops together, over and under, as if they were a single loop.
When you’re sure you can’t weave any more, cut the yarn leaving a 4″/10cm tail

Weave the other two petals in the same way.

Darning the ends in the back Take your bud off the loom and thread the loose ends under the weaving at the back. Trim.
The finished flower bud You now have a finished flower bud 🙂
Closed buds and leaves You can make matching closed buds by winding around three pegs to begin with and weaving a single petal. These also make great leaves if you make them with green yarn.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, April 12th 2010. All rights reserved.