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Flower Loom Daffodil Centre for Ribbon Straw Flowers

Rayon straw not only holds it’s shape well when you use it to make interestingly shaped petals, but it also stands up well to make the centre of daffodil-like flowers.

Wind as many rounds on your loom as you like for the outer petals of your flower. I wound my turquoise straw around twice.
Next wind two or more times around the same pegs for the centre of your flower. You can make a shorter centre by winding around the inner pegs instead.
Finish the centre of your flower with back stitch. Cut your straw and darn the end into the back.
Use a new piece of straw the same colour as the centre, or a matching sewing thread. Take the petals for the centre of your flower off the loom and thread your straw (or thread) through them. Thread all the way around your flower once, then again, so that each petal is threaded twice.
Pull the straw (or thread) tight until your flower centre looks the way you want. You can leave it open as I have or pull it completely closed. Tie the ends in a knot and cut, leaving a few inches of straw either side of the knot. Tuck the ends into the petals so you can’t see them.
The finished centre from the top.
The flower from the side.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.