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The Rosebud Loomed Flower Centre

The rosebud centre is my favourite centre for loom flowers.

You can work this centre on any round loom, although it is easier to work on a loom with pegs such as the 1000 flowers loom, rather than one with protruding metal spikes such as the knitwit loom.

You will need three different colours of yarn to make a flower like the one at the top left of this page.

1: Wind your first colour around the outer pegs for the desired number of rounds.

2: Wind your second colour around the centre pegs for the desired number of rounds.
3: Finally, wind the colour you want to use for the centre of your flower around the centre pegs for the desired number of rounds and finish with a backstitch centre. Make sure you leave a tail of yarn at least 20cm long for finishing the centre.

I used thick tapestry yarns for my flower and made 2 rounds of red and 2 rounds of pink for the centres.

4: Pop the first pink petal off the loom and thread your yarn through the centre of the petal loops as shown in the photo.
5: Continue threading your yarn through the petals all the way around.
6: When you reach the first petal, thread the yarn through that petal again to finish off.
7: Pull the thread to gather the petals towards the centre of your flower and poke the yarn through to the back.
Your centre will look like this.
8: Pop your flower off the loom and darn all loose ends into the back neatly.
You can also make rosebud centres on square flowers. The threads at the corner of the centre will sit higher than the rest. Buttonhole stitch or beads would be an interesting accent to add to the longer threads.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.