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Flower Loom Pom-Pom Centre

To make a flower with a pom pom centre you will need a flower loom with a large circle of pegs around the edge and a smaller circle of pegs in the centre.
1: Wind your first colour on the outside pegs for the desired number of rounds.
2: Wind your second colour around the inner pegs.
3: Finish with a backstitch centre. Make sure to pull each stitch tight or your pom pom centre will work loose.
4: Trim the ends of each round that you are going to cut. If you’re not going to cut the petals in the outer round leave the ends long enough to darn into the back of your work. I’m going to cut both sets of petals so I have trimmed both.
5: Pop your flower off the loom.
6: Insert your scissors into the tips of each petal and snip the threads.
7: If desired you can cut the outer petals as well.

You can also leave the inner petals as loops and just snip the outer ones!

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.