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Tiny Beanie Dog/Cat Sweater

Beanie dog or cat sweater

Note from Sarah: This sweater is shaped specially to fit Ty Beanie Dogs and Cats with ingenious shaping making the stitch design on the sleeves and extra room around the back to suit the shape of the toy. I knit the sample to gauge using 3.25mm needles and DK yarn but I didn’t have a cat or doggy Beanie to put it on 😛

This sample shows a version of the sweater for tiny cats and dogs. Click here for the larger pattern.


dpn#1 = 1st double pointed needle
dpn#2 = 2nd double pointed needle
dpn#3 = 3rd double pointed needle

SSK = Slip the first stitch onto the RH needle knitwise, (this will twist
the stitch), repeat on the second loop. Slip both stitches
back to the LH needles in their new twisted state and knit them together.

inc = Increase by knitting into the back, then the front of the next


1 set #2 (2.5mm) dpns
1 sewing needle
3ply Baby yarn


6 sts = 1″ (6 sts = 25mm)
8 rows = 1″ (8 rows = 25mm)


Cast on 12sts on 34 sts over 3 needles (12, 11, 11)
Rnds 1-3: (K1, P1) repeat to end

Rnds 4-10: Knit

Shape for Sleeves:
Rnd 11: dpn#1 = inc, K9, inc, K1 [14sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K10 [12sts]
dpn#3 = K9, inc, K1 [12sts]

Rnd 12: dpn#1 = inc, K11, inc, K1 [16sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K11 [13sts]
dpn#3 = K10, inc, K1 [13sts]

Rnd 13: dpn#1 = inc, K13, inc, K1 [18sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K12 [14sts]
dpn#3 = K11, inc, K1 [14sts]

Rnd 14: dpn#1 = inc, K15, inc, K1 [20sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K13 [15sts]
dpn#3 = K12, inc, K1 [15sts]

Rnd 15: dpn#1 = inc, K17, inc, K1 [22sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K14 [16sts]
dpn#3 = K13, inc, K1 [16sts]

Rnd 16: dpn#1 = inc, K19, inc, K1 [24sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K15 [17sts]
dpn#3 = K14, inc, K1 [17sts]

Rnd 17: dpn#1 = inc, K21, inc, K1 [26sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K16 [18sts]
dpn#3 = K14, inc, inc, K1 [19sts]

Rnd 18: dpn#1 = inc, K23, inc, K1 [28sts]
dpn#2 = inc, K17 [19sts]
dpn#3 = K11 [11sts]; slip the remaining 8sts onto a
stitch holder

Rnd 19: Slip the first 8 sts onto a stitch holder and work as follows:

dpn#1 = K12 [12sts]; Slip remaining 8 sts onto a st holder

dpn#2 = Slip 1st 8 sts onto a stitch holder, K2, SSK, K3, K2tog,
K2 [9sts]
dpn#3 = K1, K2tog, K5, K2tog, K1 [9sts]

Optional rnd 19 for those tiny beanie babies that have smaller necks.

dpn#1 = K2, K2tog, K4, K2tog, K2 [10sts]
dpn#2 = K2, SSK, K3, K2tog, K2 [9sts]
dpn#3 = K1, K2tog, K5, K2tog, K1 [9sts]
if you use optional row 19, remember to adjust your sts count.

Rnd 20: dpn#1 = K1, P1 ribbing across [12sts]
dpn#2 = K1, P1, SSK, P1, K2tog, P1, K1 [7sts]
dpn#3 = P1, SSK, P1, K1, P1, K2tog, P1 [7sts]

Rnds 21 and 22: Work all sts in K1, P1 ribbing. Cast off neatly in rib.

Beginning where the sleeve is attached to the body put the 16 sleeve sts
onto 3 needles, rejoin yarn and work thus:

Rnds 1,2, and 3: K1, K2tog, K3, inc, K1, inc, K4, K2tog, K1 [16sts]

Rnd 3: K1, K2tog, K10, K2tog, K1 [14sts]

Rnds 4, 5, and 6: dpn#5 = (K1, P1) 7 times

Cast off neatly in rib.

Making Up

Sew in all loose threads neatly.

Copyright © Rick Farish. All rights reserved. Used with permission.