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Star Tidy

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Knitted lace star motif knit from a Victorian era knitting pattern.

The sample was knit with size 5 perle cotton on 3mm needles and measures 12½ cm/5″ across the star and 5 cm/2″ across the square


From the original pattern:

2 balls No. 14 knitting cotton. 4 needles. 15 stars will make a good
sized tidy.

Size 14 knitting cotton is finer than today’s fingering weight, however fingering weight yarn on 3.25mm needles would make a decent substitute if you’re using the motifs to make a bedspread, even though the motifs would be larger. Use finer yarn and smaller needles for a tidy/doily for a more delicate look.

In Words

Cast on 8 sts and repeat the instructions for each row 8 times around.

Rounds 1 and all odd numbered rounds: knit

Round 2: yo, k1

Round 4: yo, k2

Round 6: yo, k3

Round 8: yo, k4

Round 10: yo, k5

Round 12: yo, k6

Round 14: yo, k7

Round 16: yo, k8

Round 18: yo, k1, yo, k2tog, k6

Round 20: yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) twice, k5

Round 22: yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) three times, k4

Round 24: yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) four times, k3

Round 26: yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) five times, k2

Round 28: yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) six times, k1

Round 30: yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) seven times

Round 31: knit

Cast off 112 sts, k to end. (16sts)

Now work back and forth in rows as follows:

Row 1 (WS): knit

Row 2: knit

Row 3: purl

Now (knit 3 rows, p1 row) five times

Row 24: knit

Cast off.


Cast on 8 sts and repeat the instructions for each row 8 times.

Chart for knitting the star section of the star motif

Cast off 112 sts and knit to the end of the round.

Now work back and forth in rows as follows:

Chart for knitting the square section of the star motif

Cast off.

Making Up

Sew your motifs together following the diagram below, making it as wide and as long as you desire.

Diagram for sewing the finished motifs together.

The original publication of this pattern is in the public domain. However, this modernised version, all charts and photographs are copyright Sarah Bradberry, August 18th 2014.

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