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The School Book of Embroidery

The Schoolbook of embroidery front cover

pdf download Click here to download a high resolution pdf file of the booklet shown in the thumbnail image below (approx 6.3mb).

The schoobook of embroidery page thumbnails

This booklet includes a large number of stitches and designs packed into just 16 pages!

Stitches include:

  1. Stem Stitch
  2. Darning Stitch
  3. Satin Stitch
  4. Back Stitch
  5. Button Stitch (Buttonhole Stitch)
  6. Fly Stitch
  7. Blanket Stitch
  8. Chain Stitch
  9. Daisy Stitch (Lazy Daisy Stitch)
  10. Feather Stitch
  11. Blanket Stitch in Two Rows
  12. Couching Stitch
  13. Darned Blanket Stitch
  14. Long and Short Stitch
  15. Snail Trail
  16. Herring-Bone Stitch (Herringbone Stitch)
  17. Rows of Fly Stitch and Satin Stitch
  18. French Knots
  19. Knot Stitch
  20. Seeding Stitch
  21. Zig-Zag Chain Stitch
  22. Bullion Stitch
  23. Overcast Herring-Bone Stitch
  24. Oriental Stitch
  25. Single Satin Stitches Radiating Overcasting Horizontal Stitch Twice
  26. Finger Cord
  27. Fancy Cord
  28. Cross Stitch

Copyright Sarah Bradberry December 2010. All rights reserved.