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And So To Embroider 12 – Designing with a Cut Paper Motif

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And So To Embroider 12b - Designing with cut paper motifs - edited for modern embroiderers

Leaflet 12b in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Embroider” teaches you how to:

  • Use designs you have cut from paper to create a range of different looks
  • Combine cut paper motifs on a project
  • Make an embroidered felt handkerchief sachet, patchwork beach bag and woollen baby blanket
  • Create hand made tassels with a buttonholed cover

I have also included a full size motif that you can trace onto fabric, and photographs of six different ways it can be embroidered.

Please note: This is an edited version of the original leaflet. I have changed the main embroidery motif to one of my own design due to the offensive nature of the original.

 Download “And So To Embroider” bulletin 12b

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