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For the “Looms to Go” Weavers on Ravlery

and anyone else who wants to make their own patterns for a 4 x 4″ weavette loom

This is a blank chart that I made for making up my own designs. Please feel free to use it for personal use only. You may use it to make charts to share for free.

Leave a comment if you’d like more instructions on how to use it.

Weavette grid for designing your own charts

Catching Up with The Square Deal Weave-Along

After falling ill in the last couple of months of last year I fell drastically behind in the Square Deal Weave-Along so I have spent the past few days catching up. Here are lots and lots (and LOTS!) of pictures and details from my adventures 🙂 Since there are so many images I’m making them a bit smaller than usual. You can click on the images to view the larger pictures in my flickr account. Firstly, Wide Wale Corduroy. (Am I the only person who always wants to spell that “Wide Whale”?)

Weavette square in wide wale design

I love this weave. It has a lovely texture, it’s soft and squishy and generally encompasses everything I like about hand weaves (textured weaves are my favourite). I used up a whole skein of Cleckheaton Country 12 ply and made quite a few squares. When I began to run out of that skein of yarn I wove this square. Rounds 1-3 are the Cleckheaton Country 12 ply and I wove with two strands of hand painted 8 ply wool. (That’s DK weight to those who don’t know Aussie yarn weights).

Weavette square in wide wale corduroy

This is the front and

Back of a weavette square worked in wide wale corduroy

this is the back. I like both 🙂

Wide wale corduroy square 3

I also tried rounds 1-3 in blue and wove with red. All 8 ply thickness, 100% wool I want to try this weave on my table loom, worked in a single colour. A while ago I posted about weaving triangles on a 4 inch square weavette loom. I made more triangles and stitched them together in a pinwheel design.

Weavette triangles

The triangles are really fiddly to weave but they do look nice :). The triangles were woven using various 8 ply wools. ”

Weavette squares with inlay design

I experimented briefly with the inlay technique. This is another technique and look that I really enjoy. I will be playing with this, and related techniques, on my table loom as well. Next (working backwards through the weave-along), is seven diagonal stripes.

Weavette square with diagonal stripes

I worked the first style in one colour, again using 8 ply weight wool.

Weavette square with diagonal stripes worked in two colours

Then I worked the mirrored seven diagonal stripes variation using the same blue for the first three rounds and a speckled yellow 8 ply wool for the weaving. A five stripe diagonal weave was mentioned in the same post so I tried that too.

Weavette square with smaller diagonal stripes

Weavette square with diagonal stripes

Furrows was the next design. I worked quite a few squares in single colours of 8 ply wools.

Weavette square in furrows design

Weavette square in furrows design

Weavette square in furrows design

Weavette square in furrows design

Furrows quickly became another favourite texture weave that I want to play with on my table loom 🙂 Next is the diagonal half square.

Weavette square with diagonal triangle weave

I wound the first variation with three rounds of blue 8 ply weight wool, and wove with pink.

Weavette square in diagonal half square design

Then I wove the mirrored variation in a single colour. I like the two-colour version best as I think it shows up the design more. Next we have rigby weave. I played around with this one quite a bit.

Rigby weave

Firstly I wound rounds one and two with a strand of 8 ply weight blue and a strand of 8 ply weight purply-red held together. Rounds 3 and the weaving were done with the blue yarn only. This is entirely too stiff and was a bit difficult to weave.

Rigby weave

Then I tried rounds one and two with the blue wool and a strand of 4 ply wool (fingering weight) held together and worked round 3 and the weaving with the 4 ply wool. This was much better. I really like the subtle effect with the similar colours.

Rigby weave in boucle

I also tried the first two rounds with two strands of pink bouclé, then wound round three and wove with the same fingering weight blue wool from the previous square. The weaving was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought it would be, given the loopiness and bulk of the bouclé. This one worked out a little stiff though.

Rigby weave weavette square

I tried again with a single strand of the bouclé and the third round and weaving worked with the purply-red 8 ply weight wool. This square has a nicer hand but lost the fun of the loopy bouclé texture.

Plain weave boucle square

I liked the bouclé so I went ahead and wove a plain-weave square with it. I may use up the rest of the skein in plain weave squares. Once again, I love the texture of it 🙂 Even though I have a set of rectangular looms, I had a go at weaving odd sized rectangles on my square loom. It’s nice to know these techniques in case they’re ever needed.

Rectangles woven on a square weavette loom

I made two, two by four inch rectangles and stitched them together to make a square I could use in my blanket. These are 8 ply weight wools again. I found them to be quite easy to weave once I figured out the technique. Lines and Bars, and Bars and Squares were next.

Weavette square with bar and lines design

First I wove bars and lines with two rounds of purply-red and two rounds of rainbow. It almost completely obscured the design.

Weavette square with bar and lines design

I tried again with three rounds of dark pink and weaving with purply-red. Whilst this is not one of my favourite weaves at least you can see it better this way…

Weavette square with square and lines design

Finally I tried bars and squares the same way, with blue and yellow (all 8 ply weight wools). I only wove one square in eight single rib. I really like it so I shall have to do more. It’s another lovely squishy textured weave.

Single rib design weavette square

I’m not entirely sure if that’s the back or the front… I wasn’t sure if I had done any ribbing weave so I wove this new square in purply-red 8 ply weight wool.

Weavette square in ribbing design

As it turned out, I had done a lot of ribbing squares before I fell ill so this is another one to add to the blanket 🙂 Finally in my square deal weave-along catch-up are the double outline diamond squares that I wove before I fell ill but never blogged.

Four weavette squares in the diamonds weave

Four 4 inch squares woven with 8 ply weight wools.

Multicoloured weavette square in diamonds design

Two rounds of light blue and two rounds of dark purple. I prefer the plain colours.

Large weavette square with diamond design

A six inch square in light blue 8 ply weight wool

^ inch weavette square in diamond design

and the same in purply-red. I wove a total of four large squares with this design. That’s all for the square deal weave-along. I didn’t work the fringed squares because I have no need for them in my project but I definitely want to make alion at some stage. That isn’t all the weavette weaving I did though. I played with this weave from the book I bought from the makers of the weavette looms.

Weavette square with plus sign motifs

As with one of the previous weaves I did two rounds purple and two rainbow. The busy colours are just too much for the design.

Weavette square with plus signs

I tried again with tan and red. I think this effect is interesting and would probably work well in two colours that are less “jarring” together.

Single colour weavette square with plus signs

I finished up with the blue again (all of these are 8 ply weight wools). I’m not overly keen on this on the weavette looms but it would make a nice weave on a larger project. Lastly I wove the heart designs that were posted in the looms to go group at ravelry. All of these are worked in 8 ply weight wools.

Weavette square with heart design

I wove this one with pink. This is the back of the weaving. I liked the back the best.

Weavette square with heart design

Weavette square with heart design

Weavette square with heart design

After playing with all of these weaves and designs it dawned on me that I may be able to make squares with the letters of the alphabet. I’m up to “B” so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Bias Weaving on a Regular Weavette Loom

Jana from recently mentioned on Ravelry that she found some vintage instructions for weaving a bias triangle on a regular weavette and my curiosity had to be assuaged so I sat down with my little 4 inch loom to see if I could figure out how to do it.
First I made a bias woven square so that I could see the effect that the missing pins on a regular weavette have on the finished look of the piece.

Bias Square Woven on a Regular Weavette Loom

Answer: None at all. No wonder Weave-It bias looms didn’t sell well, if you had a regular weavette you didn’t need one 😛

The weaving technique for the triangle was the easiest part to figure out as you can find several excellent sets of instructions by googling instructions for weaving on a triangle loom.

On a triangle loom, the hypotenuse of the triangle (the long edge) is supported by a row of nails so it can’t be pulled too tight. However, on a weavette the edge is completely unsupported.

The trick to keeping the unsupported edge neat is to place a spare weaving needle across the loom and weave around it.

The selvage can’t pull in and you’re left with a lovely neat edge.

Continuous woven triangle made on a weavette loom

Now that my curiosity is satisfied I can get on with my Christmas knitting!