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Design your own Weavette Squares and the Letter A

The finished letter A square

Woven square with a letter A, woven on a Weavette loom

I have created this blank Weavette (Zoom Loom, etc) chart so that you can design your own squares with just a pencil and paper (er, paper with this chart printed on it).

 Download the blank weavette/Zoom Loom chart

Grid for a 4 inch weavette loom

The unnumbered rows (light grey and white) represent the rows that are “woven” when you warp your loom. When weaving you just ignore these rows as they’re automatically woven as you go.

The numbered black and white rows are the rows that you weave.

Black squares = yarn goes over the warp

White squares = Yarn goes under the warp

Start weaving at the side of the row that is numbered, starting with number 1 at the bottom right hand side.

The first and last rows are always plain weave so they have been drawn in already. The rest of the weaving rows are blank for you to fill in yourself.

Here’s a chart that I have done for the letter A

Weavette chart for the letter A

If you need any more clarification leave a comment!

© Sarah Bradberry, June 15th 2009