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Hazel’s Adjust-O-Peg Loom

This review has been moved to a permanent page in the flower looms section of Hazel’s Adjust-O-Peg Loom.

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  1. Sarah

    No I haven’t seen that article but you can definitely do Weave-It weaving on this loom in any of the designs. You can actually replace three of the weavette weave-it style looms with it! ­čÖé

  2. ToveB

    Did you read the article in Interweave Piecework March/April 2010 about Weave-It? It looks very similar to this. Fascinating results. Looked like lots of fun!

  3. Rick Fahrenbruch

    Mmmmm. I want one of these. I’ll begin watching ebay today! THanks for the great pics and sharing your experiences. Rick

  4. Diane

    Just discovered your blog through searching. Wow. Thanks for your great information. I enjoyed seeing what you’ve done with this mini loom. I’ve been thinking about finding my pot holder loom I had when a kid. I’m sure I could do other things with it.
    Sorry you had the flu but you turned it into a gift for the rest of us.
    Looking forward to more!

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