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Category: Knitting

A Fruity Stitch for Knitters

A swatch of knitted pineapple stitch.

When I first saw pineapple stitch, I couldn’t figure out why this simple but elegant stitch was given such an odd name. On closer inspection, I suddenly realised!

Little knit stitches that look like pineapples
It’s made up of thousands of tiny pineapples!

Pineapple stitch was particularly popular in the 1930’s and 40’s, often seen on the short sleeve tops that were a staple garment in the era.

Pineapple stitch looks particularly nice worked in a smooth yarn, although a very fine and subtle bouclé would make a very interesting fabric.

I hope you’ve enjoying my little knitted stitch pattern feature over the past few weeks. I have five stitches left in this series. If you’d like to be notified via email whenever I post a new stitch or pattern, you can sign up over on the left (if you’re on a desktop or laptop computer), or beneath this post on tablets or mobile. I never share anyone’s email address with any third parties and will only use it to notify you of new posts.


Diamonds are a Boy’s Best Friend

Knit/purl diamonds swatch

Today’s knitting stitch pattern is another knit and purl design with a masculine feel to it that I have dubbed “Diamond Stitch“. A completely reversible stitch, diamond stitch can be knit with a range of yarns for different effects. A smooth, crepe (or cabled) yarn will produce very distinct diamonds. Handspun 2 ply, or even a handspun novelty yarn would produce a softer look. A super light mohair on larger than normal needles would create quite an ethereal fabric.

Try giving Diamond Stitch (and any of the other knit/purl stitches I’ve posted so far), a try with a range of yarns and see what type of fabrics you can create. You might be surprised!


A Combination Lace Knitting Stitch

Diamond and feather lace knitted swatchDiamond and feather lace knitted swatch

Today’s free knitting stitch pattern is a combination of two classic patterns, feather and fan stitch and diamond lace.

Published in The Knitted Lace Pattern Book in the 1870’s, the original version of this pattern had a few inconsistencies common with patterns from that era. I’ve balanced the pattern with feather and fan at both sides, matched the decreases on the diamonds, modernised the language and included a chart.

I hope the Diamond and Feather Knitting Pattern remains a favourite for another 150 years!


A Classic Woven Pattern Re-Imagined for Knitting

Knit and purl herringbone swatch.

Today’s stitch didn’t have a name other than “no 29”, so I have dubbed it “herringbone stitch” after the classic herringbone broken twill weave.  I think this stitch has quite a masculine feel to it, making it a good stitch for men’s garments such as a sleeveless pullover, or a jazzy pair of calf high business socks.

This is another stitch pattern published around 1870, so once again I have updated the instructions and charted them. Stitch 29 from The Knitted Lace Pattern Book, Herringbone Stitch.


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