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A Public Statement on Ravelry

Cassidy Forbes from Ravelry is now sending out emails to people saying there is no problem with the new ravelry design, that it does not cause migraines and seizures and that people should “consider the sources” of such information. So far three people have come forward saying they recieved this email, or one like it that stated the same things.

For the record, I am one of the people for whom Ravelry caused a seizure in the new design, and migraines a couple of days after switching to Classic mode when they started changing fonts.

  • I am not a liar.
  • I am not having a “hysterical response”.
  • I have never had this extreme or as fast a response from any other website.
  • I am not spreading lies.
  • Ravelry are not inclusive.
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  1. Jo Schubert

    I know two people who have trouble with the website. Neither have any reason to lie and would greatly prefer not to get migraines. Why would anybody make this up? It’s ridiculous!

  2. Judith

    These links were posted in the British Knitters Group today on Ravelry. They have had a lot of serious discussions, not just about the migraines and disturbed vision with NuRav but the basic fact that people with low vision who use screen readers cannot access NuRav.
    I don’t understand all the discussions but those who do seem to imply this Update in Dreamwidth explains some of the problems.
    Particularly this paragraph was noted

    Does any of this help or make sense to you?
    PS no links to Ravelry here.

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