Free Teneriffe Lace Patterns

If you would like to learn Teneriffe lace making I suggest the book "The Technique of Teneriffe Lace" by Alexandra Stillwell, which you can download for free from the online archive of weaving related documents courtesy of the author. Despite it's complex appearance, teneriffe lace is an extremely simple lace to learn.

This page contains my collection of vintage instructions and pattern booklets, plus pin templates that I have drawn myself.

Instructions for using pin templates are included in Alexandra Stillwell's book.

Instruction Sheets and Projects

1939 (6.8Mb)
Includes my instructions for making your own spider web weaver

Polka Spider Web Instruction Sheet 1938 (3.78Mb)

Polka Spider Web Patterns 1939

Pin Templates

(pdf 3.1Mb) (pdf 1.5Mb) (pdf 2.3Mb) (pdf 725Kb) (pdf 870Kb) (pdf 796Kb) (pdf 894Kb)