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Nine Patch with Sashings Patchwork Square

Note: The sewing on this square looks a bit messy. I've since discovered a neater way of sewing weavettes together which you can print from


8 by 8 inches


Scraps of dk weight yarns in various colours
2 inch square loom
2x6 inch rectangular loom

Pattern for 1 Patchwork Square:

Make 10 2x2 inch squares and 2 2x6 inch rectangles.

Sew 9 of the 2x2 inch squares into 3 rows of 3 squares each.

Sew the 3 rows together. This is the nine patch centre of the square.

Sew 1 2x6 inch rectangle along one side of the nine patch square and put this piece aside.

Sew the remaining 2 inch square to one short end of the remaining 2x6 inch rectangle. Sew this piece to the main piece so that the 2 inch square is butted up against the end of the first 2x6 inch rectangle.

A 50 inch square afghan can be made with these patchwork squares following the outline below. Note: You will need to make extra 2x2 inch and 2x6 inch weavettes to form the sashings on the top and right hand sides of the finished afghan.

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