Flower Loom Tutorials and Other Small Looms

Tutorials marked with contain a video.

Daisy Winders, Flower Looms and Bloom Looms

Making Your Own Flower Looms

Make your own flower loom

- Vintage Instructions from the 1930's

Flower Loom Reviews

Reviews of both new and vintage flower looms (mostly from )

(includes instruction sheet download)

Basic Flower Loom Instructions and Vintage Instruction Sheets

- now includes a video on choosing yarn and troubleshooting problem flowers

Studio Twelve Looms

(Bucilla Studio 12 Loom Directions 1971)

(including foot thongs, plaque and jewellery projects)

1970 (including hair spray cover and rain bonnet key chain)

1970 (including straw flower with calyx and tote bag made from placemats)

(including Fiesta Poncho instructions)

Other Looms

(Appliqué Loom Directions)

. Includes instructions for a mohair stole and double flower afghan.

C1970. Includes instructions for many projects.

. Includes instructions for six projects including three not included in the other instruction book. Directions in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and English

. Includes many inspirational pictures of finished projects

. Includes patterns for "Elegance Stole" and Carriage Robe

Languages Other than English

Centres and Decorative Stitching

- Spanish language video (you don't need to know Spanish to understand the instructions)

(Argentinean Youtube video). You don't need to understand Spanish to follow the technique

Edgings and Joining Motifs

(for 2½" looms)

Special Techniques

(for Swistraw and Ribbon Straw flowers)

to Add Dimension to Your Loomed Flowers

Making Different Shapes

Embroidery and Weaving

Combining Yarns for Special Effect

. Combine simple techniques and colours to create fantastic flower designs - stitched with the flower face down on the loom (Spanish language video)

Unusual Materials

(video by Kimberley-Ann Crafts)

Flower Loom Projects (Original and Vintage)

Original Projects (and Updated Vintage Projects)

Vintage projects were often presented with little more than a single paragraph of instructions and a photo or drawing of the finished item.

I have written and photographed step-by-step instructions for these projects and have also updated the look and materials used where necessary.

Other projects are completely original.

- earrings, bracelet, necklace and rings

Vintage Projects

See for more vintage projects

- cardigan, beret, 3 baby cardigans and bonnets, 2 pillows, pram blanket and pillow, bed jacket, pullover, baby afghan and pillow, hexagonal cot cover, and diamond daisy afghan. 1931

Special Patterns for the Mary Louise Flower Pattern Plate

Offsite Projects and Inspiration

Many techniques used in teneriffe lace can be used in flower loom motifs. I recommend the book (free download from the University of Arizona collection of weaving books)

For more offsite projects and inspiration see my flower looms board on Pinterest

Ribbon Straw Links

Please note that I have not personally purchased ribbon straw from any of these shops as I have a large box of vintage straw I have collected over the years

I also recommend googling for "ribbon straw" and "synthetic raffia" to find a product in your home country.


. Raffiella raffia in a small range of colours plus gold and silver metallic. 200m per roll, waterproof. Looking at the pictures this looks a bit splitty but if you're not wetting and opening out the straw that doesn't really matter.



Raffia from . Recommended as high quality by . Huge range of colours in matte and pearlised finishes. 1000yd, 500yd, 100yd and 60ft spools.

Berwick Wraphia. 100yd rolls in pearlised or matte finish. Large range of colours.

. Recommended by as a less expensive option than Raffit Ribbons raffia. Large range of colours in both matte and pearl finishes. 100yd spools.

Bias Weave and Small Triangular Looms

(8 inch square loom)

Weavette Weaving

Weavettes can no longer be purchased from the Weavettes website. I recommend as a high quality alternative.

Weave-It Booklets


(A neater variation of the instructions supplied with the original looms)


(2x2, 4x4 or 2x4 looms)

(2x2, 2x4 and 4x4 inch looms)

(2x6 inch loom)

(6x6 inch loom)

The Wonder Weave Loom

(pdf format 3.5mb)