Free Embroidery and Sewing Patterns

This page contains my entire collection of vintage embroidery patterns and booklets, plus a selection of orignal designs and projects.

Hand Embroidery
Machine Embroidery
Sewing and Embroidery Projects
Embroidery and Sewing Gadgets, Tips and Techniques

Hand Embroidery

Indian tree pattern

(includes a pes file of the peacock design for the Brother range of embroidery machines)

Vintage Transfers and Transfer Booklets

The following designs are from vintage transfers and are believed to be in the public domain. I have scanned the original transfers and cleaned up the images to make them usable.


Simple cutwork butterfly

(also great for other styles of embroidery) c1940

Eyelet butterfly

(Broderie Anglaise) c1945

Critters and Characters


(Frolicking Lambs) c1950

Spotted dog


Vintage elf


Happy duck


Rabbit with a flower

(chicks, bunnies, nests and flowers) c1950

Cat face


Cowboy playing guitar

(kittens, lambs, cowboys etc) c1940

Squirrel with an acorn


Kitten in US military uniform

, a rare American WWII era transfer sheet


Dutch girl

: Weldons Ladies Journal, April 1938


Cutwork flower

(also great for other styles of embroidery) c1940

Small bunch of flowers

February 1937

Flowers in a barrel

- partial transfer from 1950

Round flower

(each flower has a matching tiny motif) c1935

Three flowers

(includes butterfly designs) c1940

Tiny flowers

(also great as individual motifs) c1940



Vintage How-To and Design Booklets

The Anchor Needlework Series

This series of small booklets were originally published by the Needlework Development Scheme in Scotland in the 1930s and 40s. They were published under several different brand names until the 1960s.

Each booklet contains instructions and sample designs using a number of different stitches.

The Good Needlework Gift Book

Make Do and Mend Booklets

Smocking Booklets

Toy Making:

The "Perfection" Cuddly Toymaking Kit

The Perfection Cuddly Toymaking Kit

The Perfection Cuddly Toymaking Kit was originally published in the early 1950's in Australia as a home education course for women who wanted to earn extra money making toys, bags, novelties and flowers. The ten booklets contain two lessons each, designed to build on the skills of the student, with well over 20 projects to make.

Retro scottie dog made of felt. Free pattern.

Book 1: Multi Coloured Ball and Novel Scottie Dog made of felt

Baby rabbit made of felt. Free pattern.

Book 2: An Appealing "Baby" Rabbit and "Large Eared Dog" made of felt

Retro koala made of felt. Free pattern

Book 3: A "Life Size Rabbit" and "Life Size Koala Bear" made of felt

Terrier dog to make of felt. Free pattern.

Book 4: Terrier Doggy and Model Cat made of felt

Retro duck made of faux fur. Free pattern.

Book 5: Penguin and Pussy Cat made of faux fur

Retro giraffe dog. Free pattern.

Book 6: Dog and Giraffe in leatherette or felt

Retro Mickey Mouse doll. Free pattern.

Book 7: Dog and Clown Mouse (Mickey Mouse) made of soft cloth

Retro rag doll. Free pattern.

Book 8: Clown and Doll made of soft cloth and using commercially made faces. I have included instructions for making a basic face to fit the dolls for anyone who doesn't wish to use a vintage commercially made face.

Retro felt cat pot holder. Free pattern.

Book 9: Introducing Novelties - A needle and sewing tidy,
Ash tray holders (small table runners),
A bag with shoulder straps,
Book marks,
A felt handkerchief holder,
Novel pot holder,
Felt or soft leather book covers,
Child's felt bag and
Felt cushion cover interlaced with coloured strips.

Retro felt roses. Free pattern.

Book 10: "A Knitting, Overnight or Beach Bag", and "Felt Flowers and how to make them"

Sewing and Embroidery Projects

Original Projects


(YouTube video)

Toys (Original and Vintage)

Vintage rag doll

- Updated pattern from the 1930's

Mid century fabric doll

1950 - includes patterns for a sewn dress and panties, knitted coat, bonnet and shoes

Misc Vintage Projects

Embroidery and Sewing Gadgets, Tips and Techniques

Open zipper

(youtube video)

Machine Embroidery

These files are in PES format for the Brother range of machines. Your conversion program will have to support version 2 files for many of these designs to work. Check your software's web site for information.

Art Motifs



Celtic knotwork

(4 designs)


Teletubbies logo

8 mix and match designs

Science Fiction